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At least Strikeforce pays well

It’s nice to see that if you’re one of the main guys for Strikeforce or EliteXC, you’re getting paid pretty damned well, even by UFC standards. It’s also nice to see that the solid names and talents on the card are also making enough to make a living. The pay figures are out for last saturday’s show and 75% of the $668,000 fighter payroll went to Cung Le (200K) and Frank Shamrock (300K).

Other fighters that did well for themselves included Gilbert Melendez (50k) and Joey Villasenor (36k). Not so hot money for Drew Fickett who made 10K (5 to fight, 5 to win) … this isn’t too bad because he ended up fighting a much easier opponent on a non-title bout. But to think he was ready to fight a title match against Jake Shields for 5k/5k is kinda sad. And not so hot money for Jae Suk Lim, who was paid 3000 bucks to come all the way from Korea. Although considering his performance, perhaps that’s all he was really worth. I bet EliteXC was sad that fight didn’t pan out for Nick Diaz … it would have been the easy win everyone had inticipated.