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At least Forrest made it home in time

Sure, Forrest Griffin will have to endure months and months of ‘Does Forrest still <3 fighting’ speculation. But you’ll excuse him if he seemed a bit preoccupied by other matters over fight weekend. Matters that included his wife going into labor early with their first child. So how did everything go after the fight?

“We’re going to try and get him home as fast as we can,” White said.

A short time later, White posted a picture on Twitter as he and Griffin boarded White’s plane to rush him home to be there in time for the delivery. He updated his followers on the progress during a stop.

“Just landed in Houston to refuel and go through customs. We will have Forrest home in 2 hours! Hang in there momma Griffin!”

Fortunately for Griffin, he made it home with plenty of time to spare. The baby had still not been born as of Monday night.

Damn women. All that and she didn’t even have it yet. ‘Wah wah I’m having contractions. Wah wah the baby is coming!’ Bitch, Forrest be workin! How bout you dilate that vag instead of your mouth so he can concentrate on not getting his ass kicked?