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Ask for groin shots, eye gouges, and the poop defense

The deadline for getting your say in on the second attempt to update the unified rules is quickly approaching:

The deadline to submit your comments to the committee is FAST APPROACHING. Only one month is left to submit your comments for consideration by the Committee. The deadline to submit comments for consideration is September 17, 2008.

Items that will be discussed by the ABC Committee and sub-committees include, but are not limited to, smothering, standing foot stomps, knees to the head, striking to the back of the head, weight classes, downward pointed elbows and amateurs.

I have already written to them asking for clarification on the legal status of this move, along with many of the deadly techniques shown off here. Remember: these are stone age gomers you’re dealing with, so getting in touch involves paper and stamps. Oldschool, huh!