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Asians versus everyone

The whole ‘Asian experience’ interests me greatly … there’s just something about the far east that I can’t get enough of. Its so culturally different, and I always find it cool that part of MMA blogging means I get to follow the Japanese scene and all the weirdness that goes with it. Part of that is the whole inter-asian racism thing, where no one likes each other … except when you introduce a gaijin into the equation. Here’s Esther talking about the vibe in the locker rooms from Sengoku 7:

And it was a treat to see the likes of Ryo Chonan, Hidehiko Yoshida, Yushin Okami, and Kazuhiro Nakumura interacting with fighters they train in the locker rooms. It reminded me of something extremely obvious but perhaps no one really considers it the same way I do, unless you’re Asian… this is a different culture from America. I mean, the way these fighters are as people is inherently the same as fighters around the world but the society they inhabit is different. Of course, right?

Well, as someone of Taiwanese descent, I’ve always kind of thought we were all very different, the Taiwanese, the Chinese, the Japanese, the Koreans. But in the locker room, the banter, the jokes, and even after at dinner, it reminded me of time spent with my uncles or my cousins who had newly immigrated. I wonder why there’s so much hatred between the individual nations, except when banding together against the West?

I seem to remember either Omigawa or Hioki saying after the event that they felt like they proved themselves against foreigners at this event and would rather face an Asian next. What an odd thing to say, but I guess there’s a big difference in their minds.