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Asians in Asia, Part Two

Fight Journal: King Mo, Sengoku 7, Day 3 from All Elbows on Vimeo.

It’s Fight Day here in Tokyo and this week’s been interesting, full of juvenile fun and games. We put together a video of Mo’s third day in Tokyo, covering the weigh-ins, to the press conference, and dinner with fans from his Mixi (Japanese version of Myspace) community.

Outside of Mo’s doings, I’ve been chit chatting with other fighters here from the States and I’m excited to see LC Davis, Matt Jaggers, and Nick Denis do well in their bouts. There’s a ton of hype for Hatsu Hioki, who is a very tall featherweight. My favorite questions during yesterdays press conference were:

Media: What do you think of being on the poster, Hioki?
Hioki: I am probably on the poster because I was the first one to sign on for the tournament. All the fighters here are great and I am just one of them.

Media: I noticed you got a tan and bleached your hair, is that something you did for the fight?
Yamada: No, I just felt like doing it.

LC Davis’ Opponent, Michihiro Omigawa: I will be like a cat and beast to confuse my opponent.

Tetsuya Yamada expressed that he is likely the weakest in the tournament while Shintaro Ishiwatari noted that Korea had defeated Japan in the World Baseball Classic the night before, so in his fight, he’d like to defeat his Korean opponent, Jung Chan Sung.

Ryo Kawamura had a ton of style and claims he’ll throw a coup d’etat in the Kingdom of Mo.

After watching a couple of these featherweights spar and train in the hotel the day before, I’m excited for the tournament and can’t wait to see who comes out on top! The speed and energy of these guys is electric.

Don’t forget to check out the fights at Midnight tonight if you’re on the west coast, 3 am on the east, live on HDNet.