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As the CSAC turns

Here’s a strange article from the LA Times documenting the chaos going on within the California State Athletic Commission. Two newly re-appointed commissioners are being frozen out by the rest over allegations that they’ve been hustling free tickets to MMA and boxing events for family and friends … not exactly the biggest deal in the world but it’s still kinda sorta big deal when you’re supposed to be overseeing promoters, not accepting gifts from them.

Also fucked up: the CSAC’s attempt to appoint a new head honcho for the commission.

On Wednesday, the head of the state Department of Consumer Affairs, the commission’s parent agency, also rejected the board members’ choice for a permanent executive officer, the top administrative post. The position has been vacant since late last year, when the last executive officer left amid accusations of sexual harassment from a subordinate. The state settled the complaint this year for $75,000.

In his resignation letter to Schwarzenegger, Commission Chairman Timothy Noonan said he had quit because the commission’s “outstanding” candidate was rejected.

Consumer Affairs Director Brian Stiger, in a letter to Noonan on Wednesday, praised the commissioners’ choice, Pat Russell, a longtime boxing referee. But he said that due to its “well-documented” problems, the board “vitally needs an executive officer with a proven and demonstrated ability to effectively manage a complex government program.”

Considering everything the CSAC has fucked up over the past few years, asking for some administrative experience doesn’t seem like that unreasonable a request.

(thanks to Esther for the heads up on this!)