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As the CSAC turns: George Dodd out, person with no experience in

The last time we checked in on the California State Athletic Commission, they were on the fast track to financial insolvency and their government overlords at the Department of Consumer Affairs were gunning for the head of CSAC executive officer George Dodd. Now another update from Fight Opinion’s Zach Arnold, who has decided he’s going to camp on this story and out every dirty detail he finds:

According to a source on background with knowledge of the closed door meeting in El Monte, DCA had prepared a press release for CSAC. The press release allegedly stated that CSAC had fired George Dodd.

The same source on background claimed that there was pressure from the California state Senate, via notification from Governor Jerry Brown’s office, that Republicans in the state Senate wanted CSAC board members to fire Dodd or else their terms would be allowed to expire at CSAC. In other words, either fire Dodd or else you’re gone from CSAC.

Mike Munoz, the only member of the CSAC board with boxing experience (Golden Gloves), also received the warning from the Governor’s office. He voted to censure, but not fire Dodd. As a result, the state Senate allowed his term to expire at CSAC. He is gone. There are now only four board members.

Furthermore, CSAC Vice Chairman Eugene Hernandez is reportedly under the belief that he is the next target by DCA & Sacramento for his term at CSAC in terms of expiration.

With Brian Edwards, Linda Forster, Mike Munoz, and George Dodd now gone from CSAC, DCA is preparing to purge out all their perceived ‘enemies’ at CSAC. One plan would supposedly involve stripping down the CSAC office to a few employees and keeping people based on their level of seniority as a state employee, not how much experience they have at CSAC or in the fight business.

Translation: We want our government lifers from other DCA boards to be dumped & transferred to CSAC when budget cuts happen elsewhere. We discussed this very principle on Jordan Breen’s radio show at Sherdog a couple of weeks ago.

A perfect example of this policy at work is Kathi Burns, a person transferred to CSAC by DCA with no previous experience in the fight game, was moved to work alongside George Dodd. Suddenly, as in last Sunday at the 9 AM stakeholders call, she introduced herself as Assistant Executive Officer of CSAC. In order for such a move to be legal, it would have had to have been approved by the CSAC board. It wasn’t.

That’s right, as of July 31st the CSAC will be run by someone with no CSAC experience and no knowledge of combat sports. If you ever wondered how commissions across America end up being staffed by such skilled and talented people, here you go. Watch that stanky sausage being made.