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Arthouse lesbo MMA film

With MMA exploding and all that jazz, it’s not surprising that the film industry has latched onto the sport, pumping out films like Never Back Down, Never Surrender, Never Redbelt, and Never Scorpion King 2. But while these movies might be heavy with MMA fighters and MMA fighting, something has been missing from this genre up til now: hardcore lesbian fucking.

Now before I go any further, let me just confirm that you should not click on any of the links in this post if you work in a stuffy office that frowns upon videos showing full-on penetration, even if it’s just with a strap on. For those of you who are unemployed or just don’t give a shit, click here for details on the movie Champion, about a bunch of MMA chicks who munch rug:

Shine Louise Houston has been working on this masterpiece of porn and hard-driving narrative to create a true tour-de-force in the world of erotic filmmaking. Looking at the trailer, seeing all the stills and reading about the storyline (and personally knowing not just the incredible people but also the serious talent and passion that went into it), I think this is going to be a hell of a movie. A real movie — with real, queer, authentic hardcore sex in it. What’s more, we get hotties in it like Madison Young and Jiz Lee, plus performers who are true boxers — and in at least one instance, a real-life competitive cage fighter — in the ring throwing down for the storyline.

The movie is starring our favorite (only?) blood performance artist turned MMA fighter, Syd Blakovich aka Shawn Tamiribuchi. You can check out the full-on preview for the movie complete with full-on fucking right here. But don’t worry: if anyone asks, it’s art!

(Big thanks to Casey for the heads up on this!)