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Armando Garcia from CSAC explains the Sherk thingy

I like the MMA Analyst, but man are his articles long. And there are no pretty pictures to look at! If most MMA sites are the literary equivalent of a pop up book, MMA-Analyst is like reading Ayn Rand. Ayn Rand with an annoying RSS feed that reposts her longwinded objectionist bullshit over and over again for some reason.

Anyways, Mr Analyst took the time to write out all of Armando Garcia’s arguments regarding the Sean Sherk case from Sherdog’s radio interview. I guess he heard through the grapevine that his commission had the credibility of a strung out heroin addict at a Money Mart. He went the diuretic 1001 reasons route, but here’s his best arguments boiled down (ew, boiled diarrhea):

  • Quest Diagnostics: Thousands of test per year. Suggesting that their process is flawed, it is an insult to the thousands of people that have tested clean before in California. It suggests that their tests may have been tainted and that person ended up testing clean.
  • Contaminated supplements: “You must be responsible for every single thing you put into your body.”
  • Xyience: Commented that when you bring in a test for a supplement that was positive for a substance that the lab doesn’t even test for, it is a “smokescreen”.
  • Hearing process: Stated he is for the process of giving a fighter rights to an appeal, but not for “clever smokescreens”.
  • Nandrolone levels: 50 ng/mL and 4 ng/mL are both positive, no difference because of the levels.
  • Sherk’s evidence: Presented no evidence to suggest that a supplement produced the nandrolone positive
  • Threshhold: Garcia confirmed the 2 ng/mL threshhold

It’s funny … I actually think Sherk tested positive as a result of tainted supplements. That doesn’t change the fact that he’s guilty … just because you didn’t know you were wearing rocket shoes at the race doesn’t change the fact that YOU HAD ROCKET SHOES FOR THE FUCKING RACE.

The sheer number of supplements Sherk was taking pretty much guaranteed he was gonna be getting some tainted shit somewhere along the line … it’s common knowledge that it’s a huge problem in the supplement industry and all real fighters know the score.

Sherk sealed his fate the second he hired scumbag lawyer Howard Jacobs to represent him. This guy has a history of throwing as much shit at the wall as possible to see what sticks. Of course, the only ‘shit’ that needs to be thrown is ‘the truth’ : Sherk wasn’t sticking needles in his ass, he was taking supplements.

Test the supplements, find the guilty supplement, present it to clear your name of being a willful cheat, take your suspension, sue the supplement company, move on with your life. Oh, and give the fucking belt up so you don’t cripple the lightweight division you selfish fuck.

  • Xavier says:

    That guy has the best MMA blog online. He makes the other bloggers look like the idiots they usually end up being just by his excellent style.

    Definitely a blog for the more… ah… cultured… readers. Almost always good stuff there.

  • marshal says:

    Let’s try to keep the posts a little shorter FL…

  • Ahh Fightlinker, I love you too.

    Interestingly enough, Garcia was very cool, calm, and collective during his interview on Sherdog radio. He was laying out the facts and refuting Sherk’s defense convincingly in my mind.

    The biggest piece of data he brought up was the statistic that I believe FL and myself brought up during pieces both sites ran. The Nagano Olympic Report. He referenced that when TJ brought up the new study stated 25% of supplements have been found to be tainted in an over-the-counter study. It seems Garcia isn’t blind to research.

  • frickshun says:

    Why does every just accept that OTC suppliments can be tainted? If my frosted flakes were tainted w/Anthrax, I would call that a bigger problem than “it seems to be common knowledge.

  • Blue says:

    I think Armando Garcia does a good job regarding the steroid issue, now they just need to replace the other retards in the commission that reduces the sentences every time.

  • kermit_01 says:

    “That guy has the best MMA blog online. He makes the other bloggers look like the idiots they usually end up being just by his excellent style.”

    Hey Ryan– I think that was a shot at you….in which case may I say BURN!

    I gotta disagree. I think if a suplement were to test positive, it should not be Sherks fault. I think in that case the fight should be delcared a no contest on the books, but the title should stay where it is. I don’t know how the law works up there in Canada, but one major factor in finding anyone guilty of anything is proving they had intent to commit the crime.

    With out the Mens rea – Criminal Mind or intent to cheat then he should be cleared.

    The standards in the US to be found guilty of any crime are

    Intention; (purpose)
    Recklessness sometimes termed willful blindness ;
    and Negligence

    If he can prove he had a tainted supplement then no crime has been commited.

  • Accomando says:

    “…Sherk sealed his fate the second he hired scumbag lawyer Howard Jacobs to represent him…”

    No offense, but trying to find a lawyer that isn’t a scumbag is more difficult than you think. I mean, the people go to school to learn how to lie really good, its not a nice bunch to sort through when looking for a goodie.

  • Asa says:

    If he can prove he had a tainted supplement then no crime has been committed.

    This ain’t the US justice system here, Kermit. This is the Cali Head Thumpers Association.

    Additionally, for the rest of you fuckers who didn’t RTFA, Sherk’s “tainted supplements” were tainted with … wait for it … not fucking nandrolone. As in, of or pertaining to things that are not fucking nandrolone.

    And last, but not least, for those who didn’t read the article, I don’t blame you. the layout on MMA Analyst is fucking retarded. If your monitor res is over 800 x 600, your brain melts trying to read the long lines of type. News flash Leland, anything over a hundred characters or so becomes harder for the human eye to follow. This is why so many sites and magazines use narrow sections of text called columns. I like fluid designs too, but they shouldn’t make your content illegible you stupid purple loving fucktard.

    Keep up the great work tho, Leland!

  • I realize that my site has extensive articles. That’s the niche, I suppose. I want to line out all the facts from all angles for the reader to decide. If I combined all the Sherk postings in the past few days, it’d be a small novel. I understand that people get bored after a lot of reading. Fact is, there is that much data on the subject to support both arguments. I can’t win!

    Also, the blog system I use is garbage. I’m a .NET developer by day, and I figured “Oh, this shitty system, I can customize it”, but in reality, you can’t do shit. I will be changing that. Thanks for the insight though.

  • Mobb Deep says:

    Did Garcia explain why Sherk’s suspension was reduced and Franca got the full year? Also, fuck facts and analysis, war fucking and anal.

  • Garcia has no control over the decisions. The commissioners, all Hollywood power players, make the decisions. He was asked questions specific to Toney and Franca, in which he didn’t comment because it sounded like he wanted to say that they were ill-informed and made a stupid decision.

  • dulljake says:

    Leland, I would make one suggestion about the way your site runs: I think that given the fact that you want to be in depth, have you considered a more “magazine” like format. Classic example: your article on UFN was very detailed, but you can see how many elements were deserving of their own sections, instead of being compiled all into one. I think it would make the flow of your site so much better!

  • Yes, that is one specific gripe I have with my current system. I will be moving to that type of format in the future, and probably will be hitting the design hard over the break from real world work to fix it.

    Fact is, I think the layout is a piece of shit. I have a good idea of how I want to fix it, however, I need time to do so. I mean, gray background with some shitty half ass logo that was a pre-template for whoever designed the system is not good. I may just join their little project and improve the system myself.

    I appreciate your comments, I’ve received some advice on the matter in the past, and am looking at it all the time for quicker solutions. I may just need to bear down and do it.

  • Teufel says:

    Athletes take supplements because they want to get an edge they wouldn’t get from exercise and diet alone. Obviously if you get sudden changes in your body’s performance after taking pills you’d probably start to wonder if there’s maybe something in those pills that you shouldn’t be taking. Saying “Oh shit! I didn’t know the 200 pills a day I ingest contain something that I shouldn’t be taking.” just makes you look like a dumbass for not knowing what you’re putting in your body, everyone then sees you as a liar, because you should know what you’re putting in your system and you also look like an asshole for trying to defend yourself using the “I didn’t know better.” defense.

  • Thomas says:

    Where can I get RocketShoes. They might make good stocking stuffers.

    Sherk takes WAY too many supplements and if one of them are tainted
    he should look in the mirror and blame that person unless he took a supplement that turned him into a Vampire and then he couldn’t see him own reflection..

  • Terrence Halladay says:

    sean sherk proudly showed on that ALL ACCESS show that he had dozens of suplements that he takes every day. and then he acts like he was the one who was wronged when one of those suplements turns up dirty? and that’s even assuming IF we believe him that it was a suplement and not intentionally taking the roids

  • penxv says:

    She was verbose… but that seems to be fairly typical amongst women.

    They just don’t shut up.

  • ruggertenthousand says:

    I think most lawyers are scumbags; however, without Jacobs, Sherk would be on ice for 12 months – not the six that he got. That is one more fight plus sponsor money during the six months that he got back. Add it all up and one would have to say it was worth having Jacobs. As an aside, I still think the CSAC behaved like an amateurish kangaroo court, and is woefully pathetic. It’s time for some real leadership there…