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Arlovski’s not next for a HW title shot

A quick snippet from the Chicago Sun-Times reports:

UFC president Dana White said that he was disappointed with Chicago-based heavyweight Andrei Arlovski’s victory April 21 and that Arlovski is not next in line for a title shot. …

This is definitely a good thing. Personally I thought Dana White was nuts setting up title shots this far in advance: Couture vs Gonzaga isn’t going to happen until the end of August, meaning they’d have to put Arlovski on the shelves till late November. Not exactly a bad thing depending on your feelings about him lately.

I don’t like Tim Sylvia. Hell, no one likes Tim Sylvia, not even Jesus. But while it takes two to dance, it also takes two to make a really shitty fight. And at UFC70 we saw proof that it wasn’t just Tim Sylvia’s fault their third match sucked: Andrei Arlovski is just as capable of putting the house to sleep. Expect Arlovski to show up against Crocop next, for the same reasons Josh Koscheck is up against Georges St Pierre.

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