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Arlovski’s coach has boxing champ in his sights

It looks like some people in Andrei Arlovski’s camp are already planning out what’s next for the pitbull after he defeats Fedor. Here’s legendary boxing coach Freddy Roach:

“If Andrei wins against Fedor on the 24th, I would put in right into a title fight with Nikolai Valuev right away. It would be Belarus vs. Russia and that’s huge marketing for PPV and Andrei has a huge crowd in that area. He will cross over into boxing though; that is a definite! His next fight after Fedor will be a boxing match.”

If Nikolai Valuev’s name is sounding familiar to you even though you hate boxing with a passion, it might be because we mentioned him about a week ago. He’s the 7’1′ craptastic WBA ‘champ’ involved in the absolute robbery of a match against an over the hill Evander Holyfield.

As sad as it makes boxing’s heavyweight division seem, Valuev would be pretty easy pickings for someone like Andrei Arlovski. But there’s a few problems with the scenario germinating inside Freddie Roach’s brain:

1. Valuev may not even be champ anymore once the WBA reviews the fight with Holyfield. I don’t know how serious it is when an organization like this says they’re ‘reviewing’ the situation, but if the WBA is anywhere near not being corrupt, they’ll strip Valuev of the belt and hand it over to Holyfield. Hmm, I guess that’s a pretty big ‘if’, isn’t it?

2. There’s no fucking way in hell anyone in the boxing world would agree to this fight. Sure, money talks in boxing, but Arlovski still hasn’t proven himself capable of selling enough tickets or pay per views to make any promoter in boxing want to blow their own foot off with a shotgun. And what exactly would Valuev gain from agreeing to this fight?

Still, this is all ‘what if’ fodder, where the ‘what if’ takes place IF Arlovski beats Fedor. So I’m not gonna get too worked up about the whole situation until Andrei passes the seemingly unpassable hurdle in front of him on January 24th. And yes, I should probably admit now that Affliction’s second show is going ahead as planned. I had a bet going with several other bloggers that the event would be cancelled sometime around Christmas, but it looks like they’re forging ahead with it.