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Arlovski vs another fat dude @ EliteXC

EliteXC has added Andrei Arlovski vs Roy Nelson to their upcoming CBS card on October 4th. I’m not too sure why … I suppose it’s partly because EliteXC is hoping it will ignite interest in the event, and partly to make up for the fact that Affliction had to cancel their event and Andrei’s fight.

A few interesting points to mention about this whole situation:

1. Josh Barnett catches the shitty end of this stick: Original talks were to port the Barnett/Arlovski fight over intact, but an agreement couldn’t be reached so Barnett flew the coop. Whether this is about money, training time, or EliteXC just not wanting him is unclear. Whatever the case, there goes that fight.

2. This signals the start of EliteXC / Affliction cooperation: EliteXC has dropped the Affliction clothing ban at their events and are labeling this fight as a co-promotion between the companies. Affliction COO Michael Cohen is saying that past this one fight, the companies will be working together in January with their event appearing on CBS or Showtime. How that’s supposed to work, I have no idea. Affliction couldn’t break even on PPV and everyone’s already admitted that EliteXC’s TV deals won’t sustain the shows they’re putting on.

3. Arlovski vs Nelson is stupid: I already saw Andrei Arlovski beat up some fat guy at the first Affliction show. I really don’t need to see it again. I’m gonna not complain too much, though. I had no Arlovski and now I have some. But getting Arlovski/Nelson after having Arlovski/Barnett dangled in front of me … it’s like comparing the Big Mac in the ads to the one you actually get at a McDonalds – all stepped on and gross. You can’t help but be a little disappointed.