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Arlovski Unknowingly Does Borat Impression

Rashad Evans took the fangs from Arlovski and the nipple tweak from GSP. Who wants to bet he fights Rampage wearing Aoki-pants?

Loretta Hunt over at recently got a hold of former Jerry Springer bouncer Andrei Arlovski. ‘The Pitbull’ seems to be going into his fight with Fedor with a positive mental outlook which can only help his chances.

When speaking about the differences between himself and those who have been defeated by the former PRIDE champion, Arlovski stressed the mental aspect of the fight game.

Fedor is just a human. Everybody who fought him was scared to fight him. I don’t have nothing to lose. He has the pressure.

Arlovski might be right but once the fight starts, all of that goes out the window and it is still just two men squaring off against each other. He was also realistic about improvements he needs to make in his game in order to beat the top ranked heavyweight in the world.

I have a lot to work on from those fights [with Ben Rothwell and Roy Nelson] — my jiu-jitsu.

Anyone who watched the CBS fight saw some of the success Nelson had on the ground against the former UFC heavyweight champion and many have said that that translates to Fedor tooling the Belarussian on the ground. This may or may not happen but it needs to be pointed out that every fight starts out on the feet. Arlovski also called bullshit once again on Fedor’s claims that his recent sambo loss in no way affected him.

Fedor says ‘sambo is just hobby.’ But let’s be serious. Sambo is sambo is sport is sport is fight is fight.

That’s a direct quote, by the way. Who doesn’t love broken English? In any case, Arlovski is heading into this fight in good spirits and thinks Fedor might be suffering from a case of self-doubt leading up to this bout. If this is true, expect there to be an increase in dead wild animals around Belgorod, Russia. Fedor goes on murderous rampages when he’s feeling down, according to reports.

I feel robbed by Loretta not asking Arlovski about the significance of the prestigious WAMMA heavyweight title. If she had, I would guess the response would have been something like “Not important. Let me ask you: “>how my pee pee taste?”