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Arlovski starts slow, finishes hard

Andrei Arlovski came out and did what he was supposed to do: he knocked Roy Nelson the fuck out. Anyone who thought that was a premature stoppage wasn’t paying enough attention to the replays of the finishing strike … I got whiplash just looking at Nelson’s head snapping to the side.

So now all eyes turn to Fedor. I think it’s pretty plain that Arlovski is going to be the one facing Fedor whenever Affliction and Golden Boy get their shit together and pick a date. How will he do against Fedor? If he looks like he did tonight, then I don’t think he’s going to last very long.

Lemme explain: for the second fight in a row, Arlovski has started off slow and sluggish. Once he shifts gears, he’s a monster. But if it takes Andrei as long to get up to speed as he took against Nelson and Rothwell, Fedor will destroy him in the opening minutes of the fight.

I also wasn’t too impressed at how Arlovski looked on the ground. Perhaps he wasn’t expecting to end up there with Nelson, and perhaps he’s spending too much time fucking around with boxing coaches. Long story short if he allows Fedor to get the positions Nelson got, again … destruction.

The good news is that fighters don’t exist in a vacuum and I’m sure Arlovski’s team is well aware of his issues. Let’s hope they deal with them by the time he faces Fedor or we could see another Sylvia-style massacre.

Photo Credit: Tom Casino/EliteXC/CBS