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Arlovski promises he hasn’t forgotten about that ground crap

(who knew that under all that facial hair, Andrei was actually KD Lang?)

Pretty much the only narrative coming out of next weekend’s Affliction 2 card is that Andrei Arlovski has been reborn as a killer striker and is going to take Fedor out with his new found boxing pedigree. Unfortunately for Andrei, mixed martial arts involves going to the ground from time to time, where Freddie Roach’s training becomes about as useful as new shoes for a paraplegic.

But wait! Andrei wants you to know that he IS working on that ground stuff, and promises that he only sucked on the ground against Ben Rothwell and Roy Nelson because he didn’t NEED to be good against them:

“Of course I can’t do what I did against Ben Rothwell and Roy Nelson on the ground because I just laid down and I defended myself,” Arlovski said. “But if I lay on the ground with Fedor, I have to do something else. And I’m practicing this way.

“I have to be mentally prepared the most and I don’t care about what the others say. I have my jiu-jitsu skills. But this fight is different and very important as I want to be the first to beat Fedor in MMA. So I will do everything possible to beat him and I have great, great trainers.”

So while a great deal of focus during Arlovski’s preparations have centered around his world-class boxing coach, the heavyweight contender wants the world to know Roach is just a part of the team that has worked together to bring the Belarusian to peak form.

“I have all my trainers here,” Arlovski said. “My jiu-jitsu trainer, my wrestling coach, my boxing coach from Chicago, they are all here. They all get along. They ask each other, ‘What do you think about this and that?’ It works very, very, very well. It means that everybody is on the same page and this is great.”

I might be willing to give Arlovski some credit regarding the ground game thing if he wasn’t facing the most dangerous heavyweight ground tactician in the entire goddamn sport. But as it stands, I’m still expecting to see him on his back within three minutes of the fight’s start, and that’s being pretty generous.