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Arlovski: I didn’t say that stuff that would get me in trouble

Well big surprise. Andrei Arlovski’s management is refuting MMAWeekly’s claim that he plans on riding out the remainder of his contract and then leave for another company:

“The report was absolutely not true, and the UFC is working closely with us.” Khorlinsky said. “They haven’t been disrespectful to us. (Arlovski) has stated numerous times that he’s looking forward to his next fight with the UFC.”

That fight will likely come in March, according to Khorlinsky. Currently, only UFC 82 (March 1 in Columbus) has been officially announced by the UFC.

“When we talk to the UFC, we keep it confidential, and they keep it confidential,” Khorlinsky said.

Of course, I’m sure there are lawyers in the UFC’s vast legal empire who would have taken MMAWeekly’s claims quite seriously, possibly considering them a precursor to breach of contract. Why oh why would Andrei’s management team ever deny something like that??? And we should remember that MMAWeekly is a totally shoddy website that’s always getting stuff wrong. Oh wait, no they don’t. Hmmm.

Long story short, people: if someone denies something that they’re legally not allowed to admit they said, there’s a good chance they’re fucking lying, especially when you’ve got an established and reliable news source reporting the exact opposite.

  • Jersey Tomato says:

    Sure, and Roger Clemens never did steroids. I got it.

  • Mr. Theplague says:

    Does the UFC really have a deep enough HW division to let him get away? Really?

  • The Grass Hoppa says:

    I don’t really care if Arlovski fights again, he is just another average heavyweight in a division without any standout fighters (since couture resigned).

    Arlovski used to be my favourite fighter, but for a long while now he hasn’t been fighting to the standard of his first few fights. He showed so much promise and then since the loss to silvia he hasn’t been the same.

    I would love to see him fight if he performed like he did in his first fights, but i just dont see that ever happening again.

  • Cyrus says:

    Who cares, anything to fuck the UFC, what a piece of shit organization as far as how they treat fighters.

  • Mobb Deep says:

    Yeah, cause Arlovski is one poor bitch and can’t make all his Ferrari payments. Those bastards.


    You post about MMAWeekly like they aren’t the biggest cherry picking website in all of MMA news. 90% of their stories come out an hour after other sites cover them. The difference is that they might call and get a quote or not even use a source. They’ll write shit like “MMAWeekly has learned” — yeah, learned from a credible news source.

    Quit dangling off Ken Pishna’s nuts and realize that just because Ken said it is so, it isn’t always the case. Next you’ll start saying Kevin Iole is a credible news source. Established and reliable. That’s like saying you’re cool, smart and handsome you fat ugly talentless dickwad.