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Arlovski back from the brink of boxing?

Andrei Arlovski seems to have finally figured out that devoting your fight career to striking isn’t the best idea when your chin is an evil fucking betrayer. The dude basically ignored the grappling side of his mini-wheats for so long that he went from Sambo champ to almost losing via Kimbo-esque belly suffocation when he fought Roy Nelson last year. So what is he doing to fix the situation? Going to the hottest camp around: Greg Jackson’s.

Andrei Arlovski is set to visit Greg Jackson’s MMA Academy in Albuquerque, N.M., for a 10-day training camp in the coming weeks.

The former UFC heavyweight champion will be joined by his jiu-jitsu instructor Dino Costeas and will continue his primary training under the Team Pitbull moniker out of Chicago. However, the former sambo champion is hoping to pick up some new skills from Jackson, his staff and his formidable stable of athletes to rebound from back-to-back knockout losses.

Yeah, you’re not gonna fix Arlovski’s problems in 10 days. But a lot of the guys who go through these little Jackson trials end up joining the team, so long as they gel with the band of brothers Jackson has going. And hey, past helping him remember MMA has a ground aspect and something called submissions, I think Arlovski could really use some of Greg’s patented hugs, love, and nipple rubbing. This is after all a dude who apparently decided a round of Russian Roulette was a decent idea a month or two ago.