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Arianny Celeste wants you to listen to her as well

One of the things I like about Arianny Celeste is that she seems to have some ambition. While most other ring girls talk about ‘acting’ and ‘having multiple projects on the go’, Arianny doesn’t say shit … she just goes out and does stuff. You can tell she’s gunning for Rachelle Leah’s spot or something like it with all the interviewing she does for MMA Rated. And now it looks like she’s gonna try her hand at singing.

As far as I can tell, her is the only online evidence of her singing thus far, and I’m still having a hard time telling if she’s a really good singer or just really good at lip syncing. Unfortunately my dad threw away all my Christina Aguilera cds because he thought they were turning me gay so I have no way of telling if that’s just Christina doin her thang.

Anyways, more pics from Arianny working with Eddie Bravo on making some music after the jump.

(and props to jackal Lifer for sending me the pics)