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Are you a Somalian pirate?

The Deadliest Warrior is a hokey but fun edutainment show that does profiles on all sorts of different warriors and then ‘simulates’ a battle between two to see who wins and is therefore THE DEADLIEST WARRIOR. Raaaar. Season one had Apaches, gladiators, samurai, pirates, knights, monks, vikings etc. Season two seems like it’s going to be getting a bit more exotic. Here’s some of the more interesting ‘warriors’ they’re looking for from the casting call:

Aztec Jaguar Warrior – Latin male expert, 20s to 40s, with proficient knowledge of Aztec Jaguar Warrior history. weaponry and combat. physical fitness is a must!

Persian Immortals – Persian male expert 20s to 40s with proficient knowledge of Persian Immortal Warrior during 547bc-330bc, think 300 the movie! Knowledge in Persian Immortals history, weaponry and combat plus! physical fitness a must!

Waffen S.S. Nazi – Elite shock troops, male expert 20’s to 40s with proficient WWII knowledge in S.S. history, weaponry and combat! physical fitness a must!

Medellin Cartel –  male 30s to 40s with proficient knowledge of colombian cocaine history, weapontry and combat. knowledge of smuggling operations and supply is an added plus. physical fitness a must

Somalian Pirates – male 20 to 40s with proficient knowledge of Somalian pirate history, tactics and weaponry. Somalians encouraged tot apply. physical fitness a must!

If these guys need a nazi, they should talk to M-1 Global and HDNet. They had one fighting on Friday at M-1’s Breakthrough event. More on that later.