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Are we really debating Randy / Chuck 4???

Considering the fact that fights like Takanori Gomi vs Sum Guy are made every other day in Japan, you’d figure us here over in North America would be thankful that we continue to get big names fighting big names. The day the UFC starts putting Chuck Liddell up against dudes in Mexican wrestling masks is the day we can start complaining about the booking habits of the company. But to complain that we’re going to get another installment of Chuck Liddell vs Randy Couture is akin to complaining about a blowjob because the chick didn’t swallow. It’s still a blowjob! From a chick!!! Get over yourselves.

Here’s Michael Rome with his thoughts:

Here we are once again, and the UFC is strongly considering Couture-Liddell 4.   And once again, the same voices cry out that nobody wants to see it.   The UFC should absolutely ignore these voices, there is a reason they are not running successful MMA companies.   In the U.S., the fight would do tremendous business.   Overseas, it would do better than others but would take a hit.   Either way, the idea that this fight has no interest is preposterous, it would do better than just about any other non-title fight.

I think Rome could be right on that last point … I’ve let the hamster in my brain run around for a bit and I can’t think of anything that would beat this for business without involving one of the UFC’s belt holders AND Chuck Liddell. But hey, if you’re already down with our line of thinking and don’t really understand where the Randy/Chuck 4 hate is coming from, behold:

Why is this a good fight? Two middle aged and seemingly washed up competitors swinging in the octagon for the fourth time in a main event capacity seems like the best option for both, but that can be said of numerous other fights in both MMA and boxing. Certainly Evander Holyfield and Mike Tyson could make money with a third fight now, but what pertinence would it have to boxing? Would we have to consider the winner the top heavyweight contender in the world depending on how the fight drew at the box office or in PPV reciepts? Business then cannot be the only deciding factor, and yet the value of the bout, particularly in the capacity of a #1 contendership fight, can be considered in terms of nothing but. We might as well embrace such a fight using the argument from authority, or perhaps some surreal alteration to Pascal’s Wager.

Jeez, man. It’s a blowjob. Sit back, enjoy, and be glad you don’t get what ” target=”_blank”>the Japanese get.