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Are ProElite’s fighters on the market now?

Following on the heels of what happens to all the girls, now we have to wonder what’s gonna happen to the rest of the fighters in ProElite:

Elite XC’s two biggest attractions, Slice and Carano, are unlikely to be moving to the sport’s highest-profile group. UFC president Dana White has repeatedly said he won’t use Slice, who made his reputation as a backyard streetfighter on YouTube videos but is not the caliber of even a mid-level MMA pro. White also has said he’s not interested in promoting women’s fighting, although Carano’s success as a draw may cause him to reconsider. Her match with Kelly Kobold two weeks ago ended up adding more new viewers than any MMA match on television in the U.S.

Several agents for fighters have been in contact all day with the UFC. Some, like welterweight champion Jake Shields, would be welcomed into the promotion.

My big question is what happens to all these fighter contracts now that ProElite has gone under? Depending on the terms laid out in the paperwork, a fighter may not be magically free just because the company went kaput. The UFC has bought up fighter deals from bankrupt companies before … will they do this again to cherry pick the fighters they want and ice the fighters they dont?

From what I’ve heard, the IFL ‘freed’ their fighters from contracts before going down in flames, but for some reason I don’t see guys like ProElite’s Chuck Champion being as kind to his own roster. You get the feeling that he was brought in as a chop shop / repo man and he’s going to do his best to get every red cent that he can back out of the company.

So before we all get giddy with our wishlist of fighters we want to see in the UFC, we might want to cross our fingers and hope that there’s not a big mess to clean up via bankruptcy court before anyone from ProElite gets to fight in the cage again.