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Are PRIDE events on the horizon?

Probably not, but here’s the quote floating around that has overly optimistic people getting kinda excited:

Speaking with Sun Media’s Scrapyard, White says he is pleased with the response to the historic Pride fights that have begun airing on SPIKE-TV Friday nights and if a growing number of fans tune in, a live Pride event may happen.

“You never know, anything is possible,” said White when asked if he’d consider hosting an event or two in a ring under the Pride brand.

“For its time slot on Friday night, the first episode pulled a good rating so we’re excited about that. We’re hoping that series will continue to do well.”

First off, one thing I’ve learned from the bazillion interviews Dana White has given over the years is that “Anything is possible” is his mantra when people suggest something that probably isn’t going to happen. Sure, anything IS possible, but there’s a huge difference between ‘possible’ and ‘likely’.

And I’m not even so sure ‘possible’ is even the right term in this case. How possible would it be for the UFC to do a PRIDE show? I mean a REAL PRIDE show, not just a show with the PRIDE logo and a few former PRIDE guys who are still on the UFC roster. Would Zuffa use PRIDE rules? PRIDE judging? Book Japanese fighters against giants and other freaks? Change their intros, the announcers, bring screechy lady back, and all that stuff? Would they even have the balls to hold an event in a ring?

Some dead dude said ‘A rose by any other name is still a rose’, and the UFC – even if it was called PRIDE – would still be the UFC. Ya might as well just accept that the organization is dead and remember the good times with some DVDs and the Friday night Best of PRIDE show.

Oh, speaking of someone who seems to be enjoying PRIDE memories – perhaps a bit too much, really – check out this news:

The Edmonton Combative Sports Director – Pat Reid has proposed some of the following rules be in place for 2010 in Edmonton:
• Knee strikes to the head of a downed/grounded opponent are legal.
• Gi and shoes can be worn during a bout.
• Two rounds will be utilized, the first being ten minutes and the second round lasting five minutes.
• Bouts will be judged on their entirety, no ten-point must system will be used
• Kicks to the head of a downed/grounded opponent are legal when both fighters are down/grounded.

The only thing missing is soccer kicks and yellow cards! Now if Edmonton was just making these extra rules (or lack of rules) optional, I’d be behind the move. But the way the Association of Boxing Commissions is framing it, it sounds like all this stuff is meant to replace standard Unified Rule regulations. And that of course means you’ve got the province forcing everyone to fight a different style of MMA than is fought in the rest of the world. It also probably means no UFC events in Edmonton.

Personally, I’m more of a fight anarchist than Unified Rules purist … so long as people aren’t getting stomped in the spine and so on, I couldn’t give a shit how long the rounds last or what the judging criteria is. Past safety, I think governments should butt the fuck out of defining what has to go on in an MMA match. But forcing promotions to use different rules is very different from allowing them to decide which rules they want to follow, so unless that point is clarified I’m giving thumbs down to these changes.