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Apparently, Diego Sanchez Knows Something Dan Henderson Doesn’t

A lot of people like to make hay about the UFC ‘champion’s clause’ – the standard clause in all UFC contracts that forbid a fighter from leaving the company whilst holding the belt.  The rule was pretty much made mandatory by BJ’s abandonment the welterweight belt to go to K-1.  For those of you that think Penn’s pathetic pleading before the NSAC was his first foray into bitching and moaning before authority figures, here’s a brief refresher course:

Penn was immediately stripped of the welterweight belt he won from Hughes at UFC 46 (the lightweight division having been razed after his draw against Uno) and responded by suing the UFC to prevent them from awarding the belt to the winner of Hughes/St Pierre 1.  Luckily, when it comes to fucking up the welterweight division beyond belief, BJ is 0 for 2 (in case the last link is too vague, he wanted to beat GSP in January and retire with both belts.)

I think having the clause beats the hell out of not having the clause.  But if Diego beats BJ, it won’t come in to play for a looooong time.

Diego Sanchez signed a new eight-fight deal with the UFC on Tuesday, clearing the path for a lightweight title bid against B.J. Penn at UFC 107 in Dec. 12 in Memphis, Tenn…

Sanchez has only two losses on his docket to Jon Fitch and Josh Koscheck, both by decision in 2007. In his 23 career bouts, Sanchez has never been stopped.

Some people are going to say ‘he wouldn’t have gotten the title shot if he hadn’t agreed to a new contract!’  To those people I say ‘NO FUCKING SHIT.’  Christ, if I didn’t know any better, I’d swear Dana wants to ensure that his employees are loyal before they move up in the company.  By God, it’s like he’s trying to run a profitable business or something!!!!1!!one