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AOL sells to SBNation

If you like news about your news, do I have some news for you!, the best MMA journalism site on the internet, has just changed hands. AOL has sold the site to VOX Media Inc, better known to us MMA fans as Bloody Elbow and MMA Mania’s corp-daddy SBNation.

Sources indicate that MMAFighting employees were told by their future employers that when the site joins the SBNation network things won’t change for the most part, which for obvious reasons caused some concern when some longtime staffers were informed that their services are no longer required a short time later.

It’s unclear whether or not the current MMAFighting team will be kept intact or if some of Vox’s other MMA writers will be added to the mix, but it’s unlikely that the site will continue to exist entirely unchanged when the purchase is finalized.

For instance, AOL spared no expense flying its staffers — including  multiple writers, videographers and photographers — around the world to events in places like Australia, the UK and United Arab Emirates. What are the chances that SBNation will do the same?

We’ve got a number of friends working over at MMA Fighting but it just seemed rude to ask if their jobs are about to be vaporized. Besides, inquiring feels too much like journalism, and screw that. We’ll leave that to the MMAFighting.coms of the world, assuming they continue to do that kind of thing.

For now I’ll just have to cross my fingers and hope that SBNation understands that they just have to give Ariel Helwani EVERYTHING HE DEMANDS, from plane tickets to all UFC events to women cooling him with palm fronds and feeding him grapes. Otherwise, MMA Fighting could end up like MMA Rated. That dude is the party. He can take it anywhere he wants to go.

  • Simco says:

    Repost from when I first heard rumors of this sale:
    “This would be rough. MMAF has an all-star lineup as far as online MMA goes. I really hope SBNation doesn’t step in to take them. It seems slightly unlikely considering they cut half their combat blogs this last year. ”

    Hopefully Luke or anyone else already at SBN won’t have anything to do with MMAF and they’ll be allowed to continue with relative autonomy.
    Even if their articles and media are allowed to continue as they are, the site will undoubtedly suffer a huge blow by having all the people who comment at MMAMania and BE assimilate MMAF into their blight.

  • deadlogic says:

    If they fuck up my Ariel-Ben tag team duo, I will be seriously pissed. I’d even miss Mike Chia-Pet.

    If they murder the MMA Hour, they will have fans at their throats.