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Aoki out, JZ out

I try not to get caught up in squabbles with the readership here. I’m not trying to be “Mr Right 100% of the Time” like most other bloggers out there, so if you disagree with me sometimes, then congrats! You’ve mastered the art of thinking for yourself. You deserve a tasty pizza pocket or something.

But I’ve been getting a strange amount of heat the past few days for calling DREAM on it’s shady bookings,   to the point where some have been calling me a DREAM hater. Now that’s just silly. If you want to see me hate on someone, check out my IFL coverage or some of the really mean vitriol I spew at ProElite.

Anyways, most of this has to do with my assumption that DREAM’s tournaments were all fucked up and half the fighters who are supposed to move forward wouldn’t be participating in round 2. Well, it’s official now that at least two of them won’t:

Aoki suffered a facial injury in Tuesday’s bout that saw him outpoint Calvancante after two rounds.

Calvancante was approached about replacing the Japanese fighter, but the 24-year-old American Top Team representative could not come to terms with the promotion and has since left Japan.

I suppose no one wants to be the guy who wins the tournament after they already lost the tournament. And fighting again in two weeks doesn’t seem like much fun either. DREAM’s official site has updated the DREAM.3 card since Tuesday’s event but Aoki is still there, so I wonder who they’re going to slot in his place. Is it considered news that Caol Uno is on this page, and all the second round fights are set up?

  • DannyP72 says:

    Gilbert Melendez get your ass over to Japan stat.

  • RL Dookiefuck says:

    so is there some fucked up aspect of Japanese business law that makes it impossible for FEG to draw up contracts that would actually be conducive to having a multi-show MMA tournament or what?

    How do you even plan a tournament without ensuring that first round winners are obligated to continue? Or without lining up enough back-up fighters or scheduling enough downtime between rounds of the tourney to cover for injuries?

    And the DSE guys wonder why Zuffa cleared house.

  • I thought the Japanese were supposed to be naturally good business men? Sounds like Zombie Pride has some serious issues.

  • sebastian says:

    I consider Dream to be “K-1 Hero’s” more than I consider them to be Zombie Pride. They ran Yarennoka, but now they are hired by the people that run Dream.

  • Mouse(apologetic) says:

    Aight…I’m the one dogging ya about hating on DREAM…

    But honestly, “half the fighters who are supposed to move forward wouldn’t be participating in round 2″…

    All right…so 1 out of 8 = 1/2 of the fighters??? Nah, that ain’t right…

    And those brackets have been up on the DREAM website for about a month now. Don’t see any of it changing except for them trying to find a replacement for Aoki/J.Z.