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Aoki *might* be back in the tournament

I hate posting up maybe yes / maybe no news, but we’ve been hyperfocused on what’s up with the DREAM tournaments for so long that sitting on this news would seem kinda whack. So here’s what’s up: the Aoki / Nagata fight will be pushed back to DREAM.4 in order to give Aoki a fair amount of time to rest, recover, and get ready. This is probably the first fair break Aoki has gotten in the past several months – he wasn’t the one who pulled out of the fight the first time it was booked, he wasn’t the one who threw illegal elbows to the neck the second time the fight was booked, and he freaking won the third booking.

  • Illegal blows my aching ass or would it be your aching ass? Those elbows were legit and Aoki just pussed out. I do how ever like them giving him more time to recover after the 2nd JZ fight. Thats the problem with these Japanese style grand prix; they should be booked after the previous round is over to give all the fighters a chance to recover.

  • rickards says:

    how thoughtful.. those heel stomps sure did make me scream out in pain when delivered. i’m surprised he hadn’t broken his orbital bone in a few dozen places. that looked much worse than those elbows to the back of his head–which made him give up the first time..

  • vinhthekid says:

    the back of the neck/head is FULL of nerves. the downward elbow could’ve hit him right in the perfect spot to create teh hella pain and suffering.

    consider it somewhat like a button shot.

    and shit, if he really was a puss, he woulda pussed out of the second fight, neh?

  • What I meant was he probably did get hurt but none of those elbows hit his neck or the back of his head. He just claimed they did so it would not go down as a loss.

  • One thing I’ve learned from Sonnen-Filho 1 is that people see what they want to see. I saw JZ drop elbows into Aoki’s neck. You didn’t. I have no idea how we can bridge the gap there, since we’re both looking at the same thing but seeing something different :-p