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Aoki makes Alvarez look like a punk

I might think that Shinya Aoki vs Eddie Alvarez for the WAMMA belt is retarded, but that’s more out of disdain for WAMMA than for the fighters involved. Both guys are clearly top 10 and probably top 5 … Aoki definitely top five after watching him dismantle Alvarez.

While I’m sure Aoki still can’t strike a match, you could see he had new found confidence in his standup. He chased Eddie around on the feet and wasn’t afraid to rush inside to take Alvarez down. Perhaps this is like the reverse of Sprawl and Brawl, but for grapplers?

Another way Aoki showed off why he’s an MMA innovator was by showing off the most active butt scoot in the history of MMA. He literally chased Alvarez around the ring on his butt. Eventually the ref stood him up, but that didn’t save Alvarez … Aoki slipped a kick from the fighter and grabbed his back, forcing Alvarez to shrug him off and go to the ground. From there it was only a matter of seconds before Aoki locked up a leg and attacked Eddie’s ankle, pulling off the heel hook at 1:32.

Seriously, Aoki just keeps getting better and better. If he manages to perfect this kind of attack against strikers, he might actually deserve the title of best lightweight in the world that WAMMA is trying to perpetuate.

By the way, maybe it’s because we saw the condensed version of the event, but it looks like WAMMA didn’t even get to give Aoki the belt after he won the fight.