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Aoki drama and weekly shows

MartialFarts asks

Aoki’s conduct at Dynamite … unacceptable, no big deal, or totally radical and awesome?

I’m conflicted. I’m a big fan of KO violence and the like so it seems kinda hypocritical that I get my panties in a wad over stuff like that, but there’s something about bone breaks that just screams ‘too far’. And then to gloat about it is just hardcore. It’s one thing to be happy after winning and celebrating, but when you know a dude’s gonna be in a cast for a few months and you still get in his face and tell him ‘Fuck you’, you’re a dick.

But on the other hand, it was also pretty radical and awesome.

Kevcheek asks:

Will we ever have weekly fights on a network cable channel? If so, who do you think and when?

Bellator has already done it and are about to do it again … it was pretty wicked. They managed to pick up a lot of steam by pounding shows out week after week for 10 weeks. Sure, they lost all that steam afterward with the massive 8 month break between seasons, but it still showed that a weekly show can be done.

But just like that ” target=”_blank”>Head and Shoulders commercial with Troy Polamalu, I know the question you’re really asking: will the UFC ever do a live weekly event? Spike and the UFC were talking about it last year, but nothing very solid ever came of it. But the fact that they threw it around for a bit makes me hopeful that it could happen sometime in the next two years.