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Anyone who punches David Blaine is okay by me

David Blaine’s Kimbo punch trick is out on the webs, and it’s causing something of an interesting effect: people are doubting Kimbo’s ability to punch hard because of it. Steve Cofield goes so far as to say ‘Ken Shamrock must be smiling ear to ear.’ Really? Really??? Jeez.

The fact that you have to be a magician to take this kinda punch to the stomach without rupturing organs should tell people something. If Kimbo lands anything near to that on Ken, it’s not just lights out … it’s game over. Then again, if Ken was there he might have passed out just from the breeze of the punch, so….

I’m not the world’s biggest Kimbo fan, but the dude is a beast and has massive power. I’d rather have Roger Clemens whip darts at me than take a shot like that from Kimbo. Oh, and if you look closely you can see our intrepid contributor Esther in the background.