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Antonio Silva lives on the edge

Word is Antonio Bigfoot Silva might be fighting Aleksander Emelianenko next. Which begs the question: Wouldn’t it be ironic if Bigfoot’s refusal to fight under the eyes of athletic commissions resulted in him contracting a disease that a commission would have prevented? That fits the description of irony, right? I’ve been all messed up on the proper usage of the word since that damned Alanis song came out.

If you didn’t know, the general consensus is that there’s SOMETHING wrong with Fedor’s little brother Aleks, although no one past the CSAC knows for sure at this point. The rumor mill says Hepatitis, but we here at Fightlinker would never repeat rumors and innuendo! On the other hand, we also wouldn’t step into the ring with anyone that was rumored to have fucking hepatitis either.

So good luck to thee, Antonio Silva! I hope your victory is swift and bloodless and that you are up to date on your shots and vaccinations. Because I would rather gargle water from the Ganges or be a sex tourist in Africa than compete in a bloodsport against someone with a fucking blood disease.