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Antonio Silva Feels For Overeem, But Still Doesn’t Respect Him

Antonio Silva

Antonio “Bigfoot” Silva became the first person in six years to defeat Alistair Overeem back in 2013 when he weathered the early storm and finished the former Strikeforce champion.

Since, Overeem has also dropped bouts – all via finish – to Travis Browne and Ben Rothwell.

And Silva can do nothing but laugh about it.

“I was flying to Brazil and at the airport and I had the opportunity to sit and watch the Overeem (vs. Rothwell) fight,” said Silvia, in a recent interview with Combate. “He is a comedy, a cartoon. You have to feel sorry for a guy like that.

“He is reaping what he sowed. Who plants the good reaps good. He’s a despicable person and does not deserve much attention from people.”

Silva and Overeem exchanged plenty of words in the weeks leading up to their meeting. Silva returns to action himself Saturday night against Andrei Arlovski at UFC Fight Night 51 from Brazil.

The No. 4 ranked heavyweight continued to lay it on Overeem, saying “he’s a guy who just leave enmity wherever he goes.

“It’s sad to see a person like him, because we never wish harm on a person, never want to see a person in this situation,” he said. “It may be that I gave him issues with his chin. But I’m sure he was psychologically shaken. When he sees a big guy, he must get scared, close his eyes and remember something.”

Prior to the loss to Silva, Overeem was viewed as one of the top heavyweights in the world. He had won 11 in a row and was unbeaten in his previous 12 fights, including wins over Brock Lesnar, Fabricio Werdum and Mark Hunt.

  • robthom says:

    I promised to never talk bad about ‘reem again after he “beat” Verdum,
    after I said that he wouldn’t.
    (Fuck you Verdum!)

    So I’ll leave it at Bigfoot is perpetually underrated.
    (And Verdum is a fhag!)