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Antonio Silva done fucked up

So the long awaited steroid suspensions have finally been revealed by the CSAC and the two guilty parties are Edwin Dewees and newly crowned EliteXC heavyweight champ Antonio ‘Bigfoot’ Silva. I’m pretty sure no one gives a shit that Dewees tested positive for Nandrolone (Sean Sherk’s particular brand of juice), so let’s just concentrate on Silva.

The big problem with Silva testing positive for Boldenone (the vet’s particular brand of juice) is that he was one of the few eggs in the EliteXC basket without breasts or a big kinky beard. They’ve paid him a shitload of cash thus far to do very little with the idea of him filling the role of ‘legitimate’ heavyweight to Kimbo’s freakshow. They fucked up by basically handing him the title against Justin goddamn Eilers, and now Silva’s fucked it up worse by testing positive for steroids.

Of course, he’s denying that he takes steroids. After all, everyone testing clean is innocent, and everyone testing positive is innocent too. The MMA fighter that takes steroids is practically a mythical creature, up there with unicorns, pegasus (pegasi?) and women who aren’t secretly psycho. So he’s saying “No no I didn’t do it!” Actually, his management is saying that quite vehemently:

We are allways reading about guys getting caught and declaring (their) innocence, and it is always met with a degree of skepticism, but the (truth) is that career hurting mistakes are being made and it is high time the we find out how and why they happen. We are extremely sure of ourselves in this matter and are willing to go to the very gates of hell to prove that we are being wronged. Hopefully, this will not only clear Antonio, but also help clear other peolple that have had the same thing happen to them.”

Unfortunately for Silva, they can go to hell and back 10 times and they’re not not going to convince anyone in power that it was the labs that fucked up. Silva had a better chance of pulling off the goat defense successfully.

Through all this, EliteXC is holding their breath and hoping beyond hope that Silva manages to find a smoking gun in his supplements that will prove his innocence. But while guilty is guilty and people move on (just look at the James Irvin situation for proof of that), nothing hangs over a fighter and promotion’s head like a guy declaring his innocence on a daily basis. I think we all remember the Sean Sherk situation and how that turned out, right?