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Antonio Silva, Boldenone, and ADT

Remember that useless lawyer that Sean Sherk hired to try and clear his name over those steroid allegations? Well, he’s about to make a lot more money off another MMA fighter; this time it’s Antonio Silva employing his services.

As usual with these situations, I’m probably going to learn way more than I ever wanted to know about steroids, specifically Boldenone (aka the horse one). With Sean Sherk I ended up being a pseudo-expert on Nandrolone, and now I have less room in my brain for various shit that’s actually important like Simpsons quotes and 9/11 conspiracy theories. Dental plan! Controlled demolition.

One big red flag that’s already been thrown up in MMAWeekly’s article on the subject is Silva’s use of a supplement called Novedex:

Davis thinks the red flag arose from Silva’s use of Novedex, an over the counter testosterone booster.

“With the commission, you’re guilty until proven innocent,” he says.

Ironically, Novodex’s maker, Gaspari Nutrition USA, warns professional athletes of a possible positive test for steroids.

“We strongly suggest that you discuss use of Novedex with your sanctioning body before using it,” the website writes. “With results this powerful, you might be wrongfully accused of ‘cheating.'”


10 seconds on google later, here’s what we learn about Novedex, which contains a testosterone booster called ATD. And one of ADT’s known features just happens to be that it causes you to test positive for boldenone:

The OCB/IFPA underwent an experiment to see if the over the counter supplement known as ATD would cause a subject to fail a urinalysis. ATD is marketed as a “naturally occurring testosterone booster” and acts as an anti-estrogen. ATD is an aromatase inhibitor, in other words, it binds to and inhibits the enzyme that converts testosterone to estrogen.

The subject submitted a sample that was clear of any banned substances. After taking ATD for 2 weeks, the subject resubmitted a urine sample. This time, the sample came back positive for metabolites of the anabolic steroid boldenone (1,4-androstadiene-3-one,17b-ol). (The metabolites were 5beta-androst-1-en-17beta-ol-3-one and 5beta-androst-1-en-3beta-ol-17-one)

It is believed that ATD shares similar metabolites as 1,4-androstadienedione, a prohormone of boldenone. ATD products may also contain contaminants containing this prohormone, which would result in the positive test for boldenone.

Here’s the fucked up thing: everyone basically agrees that this shit is very very very similar to boldenone and has all the standard steroid side effects like hair loss and bitch tits. But the general consensus is that ATD technically isn’t on the   banned substance list. Too bad it causes you to test positive as if you had taken a banned substance. And herein lies the tricky shit.

There are different detection methods when it comes to steroid use: they can either detect traces of illegal substances, or they can detect the effects of illegal substances. For example when you take a synthetic steroid, they’ll nab you because they found that unnatural shit in your piss. But if you take something like Nandrolone (which is naturally produced by your body), they catch you by checking the levels in your system versus what a normal person should have.

But what happens if you’re taking something that’s not on the banned substance list that basically jacks up your levels as if you were taking an illegal substance? The whole thing with boldenone is that it’s a form of testosterone that doesn’t convert to estrogen as easily as natural testosterone does. And what does ATD do? It takes your natural testosterone and gives it the same resistant properties as boldenone. It’s a small difference, but a difference none the less.

So now we have to wait and see what the CSAC’s opinion of the situation is. My bet is they don’t even do the small amount of research I did into the situation. They’re fuckheads, after all. For the most part, they follow a simple rule: if you test positive, then you’re guilty no matter what the reason for testing positive is.

From a moral point of view, I’m interested in knowing what you guys think. To me, wether you squeeze your own oranges or buy Minute Maid in the store, you’re still drinking juice. ATD just seems way too similar to boldenone, and commissions didn’t ban boldenone because it was liquid in a vial, they banned it because of the effect it has in your system. If ADT does the same thing, then to me it makes sense that using it should result in a suspension.