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Antoni Hardonk’s mugger story, redux

We’ve already gone over the story where Antoni Hardonk fended off some guys who tried to rob him and then beat them up when they went after someone else. But the LA Times does a much more entertaining job of describing the whole situation:

“They asked for my money, but I only had $6,” said Hardonk’s 23-year-old neighbor, Dillon Chance. “One said, ‘Hey, you better give me some money, my friend,’ and they said, ‘This ain’t a joke, we’re going to kill you.'”

Chance said one of the young men grabbed his wallet and started leafing through it, when suddenly a thundering, large man came sprinting “like a 6-foot ninja out of the shadows,” asking, “Is that your wallet?”

“From the look on [Hardonk’s] face, the sheer anger, I could tell he was there to help me,” Chance said. “I was like, ‘Sweet! Yep, that’s my wallet.’ He hit two of those guys like a freight train, with full force. A double-handed push: Smack!”

Chance said Hardonk struck one of the alleged robbers with such impact that the young man’s knee left a large imprint on the lawn where he fell. The shank went flying from his hand. Another alleged robber went flying backward about three feet, Chance said, and Hardonk began chasing the third man, who had grabbed the wallet but then dropped it to get away. The other two men who were hit also ran away.

We’ll see at UFC 104 if Hardonk can handle Pat Barry the way he handled these mugger guys. The two actually used to train together in Holland during their kickboxing days, but unless pride fucks with him I expect Hardonk to take Pat down and sub him pretty quickly. Pat showed in his first UFC fight that he’s got a Houston sized hole in his ground game, and Hardonk has been training with Rickson Gracie forever. It just seems like the perfect time to bust out da jitz. Better, anyways, than the last time he did … against Frank Mir. Do I even have to tell you how that ended?