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Antoni Hardonk stops robbers twice

So three guys tried to rob Antoni Hardonk at knifepoint recently. He told them to come try it, and they ran off. Nothing too heroic about that, but here’s the part of the story I really like:

Having thwarted the trio once, he was being driven home from the scene by a friend when he spotted them engaged in another attempted robbery.

Jumping from the car, he ran over the crime and progress and knocked two of the man flying. The third made a run for it with the victim’s wallet, but was forced to abandon it as Hardonk gave chase.

All three men managed to get away and, according to Yahoo! Sports, Los Angeles police told Hardonk “that there were three similar incidents on the same block in the same week“.

No arrests have been made.

“[They were] really young guys, and I think they were probably on drugs or something,” Hardonk said. “It’s too bad. But I didn’t think it was right just to stand by and do nothing.”

It’s one thing to try and keep from being robbed yourself and another to help out some other random people as they’re getting mugged. Hardonk already knew these douches were packing a knife yet he got out of the car and chased the dudes off anyways. Now I guess I’ll have to cheer for him.