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Anti-Affliction event from UFC taking shape

Well, it looks like not only were the rumors of an anti-Affliction event on Spike true, but the ones about Anderson Silva moving up to 205 were true as well! MMA Rated gets the scoop: has learned that not only is the July 19th UFC live event on Spike TV official but that the main event will feature a light heavyweight battle between Anderson Silva and James Irvin. The fight will mark Silva’s UFC debut at 205 lbs.

We’ve also learned that a proposed rematch between Dan Henderson and Wanderlei Silva was also considered but eventually turned down due to the fact that the event is less than five weeks away.

At this time no other matchups have been confirmed, however, recent reports have indicated that Cain Velasquez and Brandon Vera are two of the other fighters that have been approached about competing on the card.

Regardless of what happens in the Silva-Irvin bout, Silva will not relinquish his middleweight title and will be defending it again sometime in the near future.

I dunno if you can say agreeing to fight Anderson Silva is ‘bad luck’, but this certainly isn’t a positive life decision for James Irvin, aka “The unluckiest motherfucker on the planet“. Past that it’s an interesting decision for Silva to hold onto his middleweight belt while he competes at light heavyweight. I suppose the UFC has decided if no one has really ‘earned’ a shot (haha, you suck Okami), it makes more sense to have Silva test the waters at 205 in the meantime.

  • kwagnuth says:

    Hhmm I was considering buying the affliction PPV but fuck that I’ll catch that later if the spider is gonna fight at lhw. I think Irvin has the power to test his chin. So what’s going on with the big anouncement anyway is it gonna happen or was Dana White just talking out of his ass.

  • Garth says:

    i’ll just watch the silva fight and go back to the affliction card. if it’s a choice between an exhibition fight at 205 for silva and an actual contact match featuring fedor with a living opponent, i’m goin’ fedor.

  • ajadoniz says:

    unluckiest? what about the awesome flying knee on terry martin?

  • DannyP72 says:

    Irwin is the type of fighter that is home run or bust. He’ll either knock Silva unconscious or his leg will explode.

    Either way, it’s gonna be fun

  • godzilad says:

    Silva by Irvin’s spontaneous human combustion

  • Hattori Hanzo says:

    yup watching the ufc

  • Garth says:

    flying knee KO of martin, ten second KO of alexander…

    no luck, skill

  • cyph says:

    There’s no shame in getting your ass handed to you by Anderson Silva. I mean, who the hell has taken him to the third round during his UFC era?

    Anderson Silva at Light heavyweight is real interesting because we get to see him perhaps break a sweat, or if we’re lucky, see him fight into the third round. Personally, I’d love to see Silva fight Henderson again at 205 to shut him up once and for all. Silva VS Rampage? Silva VS Liddell? Silva VS Shogun? Silva at LHW is awesome news.

  • Preach says:

    Franca vs Edgar’s being moved to this card as well.

  • Dangerfield says:

    shit man i like both these guys and dont see this as a win-win situation for me. but Irvin will probably train to hard to make up for the lack of time and blow his leg off. Which begs the question why would Dana rely on Irvin to help carry the main event when hes known for hurting himself

  • islandguy says:

    Geez. I’d rather see him fight Okami. This is edging in to the freak-show category.

    One thing for sure, Anderson Silva is not a Dana White favorite like Bisping who gets protected by one pussy fight after another. He throws all the heavy artillery against Anderson but so far Silva had kicked all their asses.

  • JackalAss says:

    no thanks to the okami fight.
    seen it.

    silva at lhw makes me giddy though…..

    I was gonna buy the affliction card, to support some competition that might have a chance…….but now i’m not so sure

  • This is a bad move. It is interesting but Irvin attracts bad luck to either himself or his opponent. It doesn’t matter if Silva loses and retains his title. If he loses it will tarnish his title and his ‘real’ division…

  • Preach says:

    They just added the re-signed Jake O’Brien vs Cain Velasquez to the show.

  • Wu Tang says:

    FU FL!!!! Damn, i feel sorry for Okami… Azns always gets screwed in the long run…

  • pauli says:

    “hey, yo, james, you there?”
    “yeah, what’s up?”
    “what are you doing on the 19th of july?”
    “well, i was planning on doing some rehab for a random freak fireworks related injury i’m figuring will happen on the 4th… why?”
    “we were wondering if you’d take a fight that night. it’d mean a lot to us.”
    “i guess i could be ready in time… who did you want me to fight?”
    “a rematch with thiago? that’s cool, i guess.”
    “no, not that silva.”
    “you want me to fight wanderlei? wow. that’d be pretty major, but yeah, i think i could take him. doesn’t he have parkinson’s?”
    “no, not wandy.”
    “then… what silva did you have in mind? i can’t fight you, joe, and there’s no silvas that i know of left at 205.”
    “james? you there?”
    “reserve my ambulance.”

  • Asbel says:

    I don’t see how this is a freakshow or how it would tarnish the MW division. For example, no one expects Faber to be a top 10 LW but that’s not a mark against the 145’ers.

  • Vera vs some guy from the IFL at 205

  • G_hoppa says:

    LOL @ pauli! awesome!

  • This fight is such bullshit. The Irvin-Silva matchup doesn’t make any sense from a matchmaker’s perspective, because if Irvin wins it’ll be universally regarded as a fluke (bad for him) and will severely tarnish Silva’s reputation (bad for him, and UFC). Why the fuck is UFC so worried about Affliction? Every dumbcluck wearing Tapout hoodies has only heard of Ultimate Fighting.

  • Michaelthebox says:

    Aaron Crossen: the biggest fluke win of the past three years was Serra against GSP, and that led to a huge-money rematch.

  • cyph says:

    In order to make stars, you have to beat a star.

    Forrest Griffin was a nobody until he beat Liddell.
    Gonzaga was a nobody until he beat Cro Cop.
    Vera was a nobody until he beat Mir.

    That’s the progression of the game. Losing isn’t the end of everything in MMA. But Silva won’t lose…at least not to Irvin.

  • Mike: The matchmaking behind the fight was legitimate. Serra had just won TUF w/ a guaranteed title shot, and they both fight at 170. I mean, the legitimacy of it is gonna depend on your opinion of the show, I guess, but still.

    This fight is put together to pull away PPV buys from Affliction. Assuming Irvin pulls off the upset, there’s still no title anywhere in the picture to force a rematch. If they do rematch, people are going to start screaming WWE.

    People shouldn’t fight outside their weight class, especially when they hold a title. The fight is just silly. The UFC could’ve just as easily given Okami the title shot.

  • I signed up for Fightliner! says:

    It’s simple they are pulling a play out of the EXC play book. What does Irving like to do? Stand and trade. What is silva going to do to him? Destroy him. It is a pretty big mis-match to me. But it will bring Anderson some new fans. Either way im more intrested in the Affliction show.

  • Ass Hole says:

    hey I signed up for fightlinker I just wanted to tell everyone.i say this mismatch for Andurson .Irving will probably spontaneous combust haha that joke never gets old.

  • stupid idiot says:

    anderson is unbeatable when will you fools realise this?