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Anthony Pettis wants to steal TJ Grant’s title shot

Anthony Pettis wants to steal TJ Grant’s title shot

According to all the contenders in the UFC’s featherweight division, Anthony Pettis is a line cutting jerkbag. Okay, maybe I added the jerkbag bit, but he’s certainly working his way up into jerkbag territory now with his demand that he replace TJ Grant against Benson Henderson at UFC 164:

UFC 164 takes place Aug. 31, four weeks after Pettis’ planned UFC 163 bout with Aldo in Rio de Janeiro. For Pettis, such a rescheduling would mean a chance to fight in his hometown of Milwaukee, which is home to UFC 164.

“I can be 100 percent ready to fight Benson Henderson in Milwaukee,” Pettis claimed in a statement issued to FUEL TV’s post-UFC 161 show. “With all due respect to T.J. Grant, Milwaukee is my town, and the fight with Ben is the fight everyone has wanted for years.”

As usual, ‘with all due respect’ continues to be something you say immediately before disrespecting someone. And what else do you call it when you say “Yeah, that fight you’re in? No one wants to see it and I should get it instead.” I guarantee you there are several dozen people in Nova Scotia totally chuffed for Grant’s title shot. And beyond that, I doubt even the UFC would be evil enough to yank a title fight out from under someone after the poster has been designed.

Besides, Dana White doesn’t think Pettis will be healed up in time:

“He talked to a doctor, and the doctor said he’s out for a good six weeks and he needs a good [physical] therapist and he needs to get his knee back,” White continued. “That’s what our doctor said. He talked to a therapist in Milwaukee who told him three weeks. I could give a s— what the therapist in Milwaukee thinks – I’m listening to the doctor. And I’m going to fly him out to Las Vegas to see Dr. [Steven] Saunders, too, for a second opinion.”

“I’m in no hurry,” White said. “Nobody’s more bummed out about the Pettis [-Aldo] fight than me. I was talking to you guys about it Thursday. But I’m not going to put Pettis in there in three and a half weeks when it should take six weeks for his knee to heal.”

Keep in mind Pettis still wanted to fight at UFC 163 against Aldo with the meniscus tear, so his opinion on being capable or not is slightly suspect.