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Anthony Johnson thinks he’s awesome

It’s one thing for guys like GSP, BJ Penn, and Anderson Silva to talk about bouncing around weight classes and collecting belts. And even when they do it, people are quick to comment on why they shouldn’t and how it’s kinda sorta a little bit egotistical. So when someone like Anthony Johnson does it … yeah. It just comes across a bit mega-cocky.

Johnson currently fights at welterweight, yet his natural weight can take him as high as light heavyweight. Hence the power. So which title is Johnson chasing? All of them. After working his way towards a welterweight title fight with Georges St-Pierre, the 24-year-old plans to ‘to go after 185 and beat everybody up at there.’

Will he be satisfied with holding two belts? “No. BJ Penn, Minotauro (Nogueira) —everybody. If I could drop down to 135/140, I’d do that, too. There’s so much competition out there, I would love to test everybody just to see who’s the better man. Test our bodies and spirits.”

Not that I doubt that Johnson will become a force in time. Three of his five wins are KO’s, and they took him all of two minutes and 13 seconds to achieve. But he’s also taken two fights against scrubs to a decision, and recently lost to Rich freakin’ Clementi. How anyone can talk about bouncing around weight classes and challenging all champions so soon after that blows my mind.

It would be pretty hilarious if Kevin Burns managed to beat Johnson in their fight this weekend. You get the feeling Roan Carneiro went into his fight against Burns way too overconfident and paid the price for it. If the same thing happens to Anthony, Burns might need a new nickname: ego-killer. Or something like that, but not lame. You get the idea, though.