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Anthony Johnson misses weight by a mile

There was a series of fuckups at the UFC 104 weigh-ins yesterday … Josh Neer and Gleison Tibeau missed weight for their fight against eachother by .5 and 1 pound respectively but decided to roll ahead without any more cutting for some reason. But the big miss was by Anthony ‘Rumble’ Johnson, who came into his welterweight fight at 176 pounds. One more pound and he would have been over as much as 2008 Worsties winner for missing weight Paulo Filho was back at WEC 36, and Paulo was a shell of a human being.

We haven’t heard the excuse from Johnson’s camp as to why he came in so flagrantly over his limit. For this fight, Yoshida gets 20% of Rumble’s purse and the advantage of fighting a dude who had a nightmare cut. Or the disadvantage of fighting a much larger opponent. I kinda look at the larger opponent issue as the more important issue – missing weight wouldn’t piss me off so much if it didn’t give the douche who botched things an advantage, even with the ‘punishment’ that comes along with it.