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Anthony Johnson gets finger banged and then ass fucked

Remember when Anthony Burns almost lost an eye to Kevin Burns in the octagon? Burns poked him in the face several times during the fight before finally putting a few digits of a finger right up into Johnson’s eye jelly. Johnson collapsed in a screaming heap. For that, Kevin Burns was awarded the win and Anthony Johnson was awarded a detached retina, long medical suspension, and stitches in his eye (yes, apparently they do that).

Johnson’s agent Ken Pavia filed a complaint with the NSAC and here’s the result of that, care of

“Based on advice from the Nevada Attorney General’s office, the appeal was rejected due to lack of remedy,” Kizer revealed to

Yeeeaaah. ‘Lack of remedy’ sounds like ‘Our gay rules don’t have anything in here that will allow us to overturn his loss, so even though this is the most black and white case ever, suck it up bitch. Nothing is gonna happen.’

Ken Pavia is up in Montreal this weekend at the XMMA show and I’m gonna try and get some words from him on the decision.