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Another UK TV option for the UFC

You know Dana would punch his mother in the face to get the UFC on ESPN, even if it’s an Ocho-like UK version:

ESPN, the American sports broadcaster that has won the rights to show 46 Premier League matches next season, intends to set up a new channel in the UK.

The new ESPN channel, which will run alongside its existing UK channels, ESPN Classic and ESPN America, will be available across every platform.

The company has already signed a deal with Sky, which is expected to offer the new channel to the estimated six million who subscribe to its sports package, for a monthly fee of around £10.

The first thing ESPN did was snap up the Premier League Football rights that Setanta had lost due to non-payment, and locking in footy is pretty much all you need to do to break into a market like this. Now we just have to wait and see if Dana White can make a deal with ESPN happen. Because honestly, the other TV options are pretty shitty.

(link via FightOpinion)