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Another TV deal?

I hate using question marks in all my post topics but today seems to be full of unanswered questions and intrigue. First we don’t know if Chris Leben bothered to hit the gym for his fight against Jake Rosholt, and now we don’t know if the UFC is gonna add another major TV deal to the pile. One thing is for sure though: Dana White is trying.

At the post-fight press conference for UFC 102 in Portland, Ore., White told that he was flying to L.A. on Monday for another meeting with an undisclosed network.

When asked if he was finalizing a deal, White said, “I hope so… I really hope so.”

A press conference for UFC 104, the promotion’s second trip to the Staples Center on Oct. 24, is scheduled for Tuesday in Los Angeles.

That network deal is rumored to be for a November show conceived specifically to fuck over Strikeforce’s Fedor / Rogers event. The headliners: BJ Penn and Diego Sanchez. The channel: unknown, but you gotta figure it’s bigger than Spike which makes me think it’s either one of the main networks or ESPN. And who knows what Dana White will do to try and hammer a nail into the Fedor coffin … maybe he’s even offering this show to the networks on the cheap as a nice first taste.

Anyways, you know how TV deals roll. There’s a good chance nothing will come of this for a long time, but if it gets locked up we’ll hear about it soon. November is coming up fast and the UFC has a lot of other cards around the same period of time it needs to flesh out and start selling tickets for. Oh, and just to get your hopes up: there’s a UFC press conference scheduled for today (although the official reason for it is the UFC’s return to California).