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Another tournament

For a while after Pride died, there was something of a drought when it came to tournaments. But now with shit in Japan back in high gear and numerous promotions in America reaching compromises with athletic commissions, the tournament format is back in a big way. It’s almost to the point now where I’m kinda sick and tired of that shit. And now … another tournament.

SportsNavi has an article today on Sengoku plans to hold a Lightweight tournament on August 23. From the article it looks like it will be a 8-man 1-day tournament. The winner will fight Takanori Gomi for the Sengoku title. I would have liked to see Gomi in the tournament, but guess he has way too much influence for that.

The thing that pisses me off is that the only org that really needs to do a lightweight tournament is the UFC, and they’re not about to fucking do it any time soon.

  • Atom says:


    I wonder if the Sengoku tournament will feature some of the same fighters as DREAM’s? How many top LW’s are there that weren’t it it or the UFC?

  • This is probably going to fail miserably with a lot of fighters not making it to the final.
    I’m with Atom how many Dream fighters are going to suffer through this?

  • Michael says:

    Dream and Sengoku are not working together. Sengoku is working by themselves. Fighters who lost in the Dream lightweight tournament are still signed with Dream.

  • Higgz says:

    I don’t blame them for not doing a tournament since their last one resulted in a draw in the finals. Talk about biting you on the ass. No, seriously, talk about it. Are you into that sort of thing?

  • kentyman says:

    “Here, run this triathlon, and then race this guy who’s already faster than you.”

    Something tells me Gomi is going to retain his title.