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Another title fight bites the dust

More bad injury news this weekend as Jose Aldo has pulled out of his headline fight at UFC 149. Urjiah Faber vs Renan Barao for the interim bantamweight belt has been shuffled over from UFC 148 to make up for the loss, but doesn’t this summer feel like a piece of toast with a tiny dab of PB getting spread thinner and thinner across the crust? Dana White addressed the situation after Friday’s UFC on FX event:

“I think what’s happening too and me and Joe Silva were talking about this tonight, you have so many talented guys out there now all in the same camp, going at it like they’re fighting for the title, these guys need to tone it down in training a bit and stop hurting each other,” said White.

So have there actually been more injuries than normal lately? Is the Gypsy Curse in full effect? It certainly feels like it is, and now we have some stats. Sherdogger Momentosis went and broke down the UFC’s injury percentage year by year. He found a 10% increase in the percentage of replacements between 2008 and now. 2011 peaked at 25% of all fights requiring a replacement. That’s 73 out of 291 fights. This year so far: 48 replacements out of 224 fights booked, for a 21.43% rate.

So be glad, I guess, that things still aren’t as bad as they were last year. Yet. And statistics don’t underline how many of these replacements were big money fights. It’s all guys at the top! God did us a solid by striking Jon Fitch down, but other than that it couldn’t be worse if the Culinary Union had given some goons tire irons and the Bloody Elbow Rankings and told em to get to work.

  • mobius says:

    There is another interesting chart on the page:

    From 2008 to 2011 the percentage of replacements roughly doubles – a 100% increase.

    The number of fights / year between then and now increased by about 50%, so the actual number of replacements increased from about 23 to 73. That’s about a ~320% increase in the number of replacements – that evil gypsy bitch has been busy!

  • mobius says:

    oops – that now should’ve been 2011

  • Blackula Jonez says:

    Such an unassuming portrait of one of the most violent fighters on the planet.