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Another terrible clothing line coming in

Many people like to point to ultimate fighting and the sexualization of our culture as proof that society is going down the toilet. I like to point out stupid fashion trends: t-shirts so big they look like dresses. Skulls, tophats, and fleur-de-lys so rampant they qualify as patterns. Anything involving looney toons that isn’t for 10 year olds (sorry, but Taz and Bugs aren’t cool, even with backwards hats and shades on). But Christian Audigier is it’s own special brand of terrible, and they’re starting an MMA line.

I don’t blame them. Clothing companies must drool for the kind of demographics MMA serves up to them: young guys with more money than sense who are such sheep that they’ll buy a yellow spandex tracksuit because they saw Kenny Florian wear one into the Octagon. There’s many MMA fans out there dumb enough that they’ll pay 60 fucking dollars for a shirt awash in rhinestones and ‘enzymes’. Seriously, people: end of days. End of fucking days.

So while the shirts above or the ones you’ll find here aren’t part of Audigier’s new MMA line ‘Deathcryption’ (eugh), I’m sure the shirts coming soon will be horrible indeed. Don’t worry, I’ll keep you up to date.