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ANOTHER ‘special’ announcement from Dana

Probably figuring that a replay of UFC 84 wasn’t enough to completely counter EliteXC’s second CBS show, Dana and the gang are adding a little bit extra to the show to keep people interested:

Tonight on UFC Unleashed, a commercial aired that said during the cable TV premiere of UFC 84 this Saturday night, “UFC President Dana White, will be making A SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT”.

While once again people are thinking big on the announcement (‘new TV deal’ is the most consistantly repeated wrong guess in the book), I’m thinking things are gonna be a bit lower key: the announcement that UFC89 is going to be on Spike, and that it’s headlined by Silva vs Cote. Of course I have no proof of this, and this is just a guess like all the other guesses that blogs out there make. But if this was a TV deal situation, there would have been a lot more advertising for the announcement, not just a 30 second thing on UFC Unleashed.

What do you guys think?

(props to MMA Opinion for pointing this out)