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Another small lightweight

You can add Cole Miller to the list of fighters in the UFC’s lightweight division who should probably be fighting one weight class below:

Adam Wagner ( You’re 6’1” and I read that you once competed as a featherweight, is that so?

Cole Miller: Yeah, I’ve fought at ’35 before, I’ve fought at ’45, and ’55.

Adam Wagner ( Obviously the UFC only goes down to the ’55 division, but is that the weight class that you’re comfortable fighting at, or do you see your —

Cole Miller: Right now I’m pretty comfortable fighting at ’55. I mean, I’m fighting in the UFC at ’55, and I’m 3-1 right now, so I feel pretty comfortable right now. But if at any point I don’t feel comfortable and I start losing fights, then dropping down is certainly an option.

I focused a lot on gaining weight for this fight, because I’ve always been a smaller fighter in the division, and a weaker fighter. So I spent a lot of time working on my strength for this fight and working on putting on weight, because I definitely feel the effects of it, and I have in my past fights.

So I wouldn’t mind just staying here at ’55. But if things didn’t go my way, then dropping down to ’45 or even as far as ’35 is certainly an option.

I don’t know why everyone waits until a few gigantic 155ers (the ones who need a shoe horn to fit into the weight class) show them the light. It’s a pretty standard story, one that happens all the time since the UFC’s lightweight division is literally packed with dudes who really should be featherweights.