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Another shitty athletic commission

Will there ever be a day where I can stop blogging about the amazing amount of suckitude originating from athletic commissions? You would hope that California, Ontario, and Florida are the only incompetent / borderline corrupt commissions out there, but unfortunately that’s not the case. Here’s an article on Cageplay detailing the serious issues with the Grand River Athletics Commission, which oversees MMA events held on Six Nations reserves. I know what you’re thinking: sketchy shit on an Indian reservation? Call Ripleys! But this is some pretty fucked up shit and a dead MMA fighter is still a dead MMA fighter regardless of where they die.

There are some good people involved in these events, but unfortunately the commission has no regard for any of the fighters’ safety.   The best example is their refusal to work with other commissions, to share medical suspensions, etc.   After this weekend’s FSC card, they proved that they are not concerned with medical suspensions or fighter safety.

For instance take Shaun Krysa, who lost by KO on the Iroquois MMA 6 card on November 22nd.   Then on December 14th, 22 days later, he is TKO’d again in a tournament match sanctioned by the same commission.   Athletes in the rest of the MMA world are suspended 14 days after each contest to prohibit any competitions 2 weeks apart and risking any injuries.   If a fighter is TKO’d or KO’d, there is a minimum 30 day suspension.   On November 22nd, Krysa was KO’d and was then licensed 22 days later by the same commission.   Seriously, what is their purpose?   Why risk the health of the fighter?   Even if Krysa and the promotion are willing to let him fight, it is important for a non-affiliated third party to sometimes step in and make the right decision to protect everyone.

In Manitoba on the last Ultimate Cage Wars card, Tom Withoos lost by TKO in the 2nd round, and was suspended for 100 days due to the damage he sustained.     He wasn’t even KO’d like Krysa was 22 days previous to his last fight.

Also on the same IQMMA card on November 22nd, Bernie Antle was Ko’d from an illegal downward elbow.   The referee failed to stop the fight and Denis Puric continued to land undefended blows on the injured Antle.   Worse yet, when the referee finally stopped the fight, Antle had to wait over 30 minutes for an ambulance to show up.

You might not think these are very big issues, but I have a very low tolerance for athletic commission fuck ups. The commissions are supposed to be MMA’s fail safe mechanism. They’re supposed to stop shit that sleazy promoters or stupid fighters try to do that may very well end up resulting in someone getting seriously hurt or dying. They’re the last goddamn line of defense. So when I hear about them messing up this kind of shit, it drives me nuts. 45 fucking minutes for an ambulance? Not medically suspending KO’d fighters? And this is just the stuff we know about.