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Another reason why Dana hates Showtime

So we’ve talked several times about the UFC hating Showtime (with Strikeforce and Scott Coker getting ground into the dust in the middle), but what’s the specific reason? Well, the Fedor thing certainly pissed Dana White off and was the public face of the war declaration. And apparently White has hated Showtime exec Ken Hershman for years and years, probably because of some EA-like snub when the UFC wasn’t hot shit. But you gotta figure this really turned a rift into a chasm:

White explained that he nearly signed a deal with CBS to air UFC bouts, making the embarrassing incident even sweeter for him to watch from afar.

“We were close,” he said. “Then the ShoBox idiots said, ‘We can do this. We’ll compete with UFC. We know boxing. MMA is just another kind of fighting.’”

“Showtime Boxing sucks,” continued White. “How do they think they’re going to do better at MMA?”

In the same interview, Dana White says “Jake Shields is definitely going to leave Strikeforce and he’s definitely coming to the UFC.” Just another way the UFC is determined to undermine Strikeforce any way they can, from poaching guys like Paul Buentello and Phil Baroni just out of spite to Jake Shields and everyone in the wide gap in between.