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Another reason to hang around high schools

This is fucking cool:

Winchester High School has a mixed martial arts club run by students. The group meets a few times a week, has guest instructors that help out from time to time and is financed due to the fund raising of an industrious senior. The school will not let students hit each other in the head, but other than that, it’s a safe place where kids can practice MMA.

Yeah, I know a lot of parents are worried about kids ‘ultimate fighting’ in the woods and parks, but the truth of that situation is they’re just beating the shit out of eachother like kids always have. If programs and classes like this churned out aggressive fuckers, the world would be a lot more like Kill Bill than Karate Kid. If programs like this keep up, the next generation of MMA fighters is gonna be insane. Will they be as awesome as the kids who’s fathers taze them when they’re babies? I dunno, but it’s worth a shot.